Kitchen Backsplash Medallions and Tile Murals for Sale

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  vertical vineyard tile mural ... vineyard tile mural 24x18
The Vineyard Beautiful kitchen backsplash tile mural for behind stove. Features wine bottles, glasses, grapes on the vine, pears, cheese and Italian villa. Many sizes, versions and matching accent tiles.  We can add your name to the wine bottle!
fleur de lis tile medallion

Grand Vienna Fleur de Lis Medallion  stone and metal backsplash mural with matching fleur de lis accent. Lots of sizes too.

  Italian Kitchen backsplash Tile Mural
 Italian Kitchen Window  Backsplash tile mural for behind a stove or sink area with olives, grapes, olive oil  and cheese.  In sizes up to 60" x 42"
 collection of small medallions for kitchen backsplash
 Collection of mini backsplash medallions
 of fleur de lis, rooster, grape cluster, flower and pineapple. 8" x 8" to 12" x 12" $289.99 to $499.00

  sunflowers painted tiles for kitchens
Sunflower Field  Western tile mural of sunflowers and mountain landscape. Lots of great installation pictures and ideas too.
Chateau Grapes kitchen backsplash tile medallion of grapes 
Chateau Grapes Medallion  Stone and metal backsplash mural in many metal finishes and 7 stone colors.  Tons of sizes and matching decorative accents and onlays

Tuscany Arch ceramic tile murals
Tuscany Arch Wine country kitchen backsplash, mural with grapes, cheese & flowers under an arched window. Lots of sizes and versions. We can  personalize the wine bottle with your name.
 french country tile mural
French Country House with rooster, old bike, hollyhocks and wisteria. Matching accent tile

roses n Vines tile mural backsplash
Roses and Vines   This tile back splash from artist Linda Paul combines the roses and wall from "Wine and Roses" with the vineyard from "Angels in the Vines".   It is available in many sizes and a vertical version too
custom bellagio and rachels flower medallion
Bellagio and Rachel's Flower Medallion  36 x 24 and smaller and larger custom sizes  

sunflower and vineyard kitchen backsplash tiles 
Sunflowers in The Vines Kitchen backsplash tile mural of window overlooking a vineyard with hanging grapes, grape vines, shutters, winding country road and sunflowers by artist Linda Paul.
Celeste Fleur de lys mosaic tile and metal medallion back splash
Fleur de lis arched backsplash medallion   tile mosaic and metal 27" x 24"  Custom sizes too

italian Pizza Kitchen mural backsplash
Italian Pizza Kitchen Tile mural  featuring a fat Italian chef, pizza, tomatoes, basil, olives and garlic and outdoor pizza oven, pergola. We can add your name to the top curve of the pizza oven or the sky   
  Island Art mural or   tropical  beach tile mural
  Tropical Paradise
 Florida tile mural backsplash and decorative accent tiles of a window view of the beach with ocean waves, palm tree, and sunset. Perfect for tropical and beach house decor.

rooster and sunflowers kitchen backsplash tiles
Rooster and Sunflowers in many sizes with sunflower tile accents too. Also in a  double shutter extended version
ravenna Backsplash medallion and plaque
 Ravenna medallion and plaque you can also buy the plaque separately in a variety of metal finishes     

french kitchen wall murals
French Bistro French country village with bistro restaurant & pub. We can personalize the restaurant signs with your name
cajun kitchen backsplash 
Louisiana Kitchen  Cajun kitchen tiles and bayou with crab shack, hanging garlic, blue crabs, red & green peppers and  gator bait and  hot sauce.

tuscan landscape tiles splash back
Tuscany in the Mist  Tuscan landscape with Italian villa, cypress trees and rolling hills in the mist. Large and small Tuscan scenes
 French painted tile mural - Provence
 A Day in Provence    St. Remy village in Provence France. We can put your name(s) on some or all of the restaurant signs  

check out these fabulous ceramic accent tiles  by artist Linda Paul
seahorse tiles
Seahorse tiles and murals  in lots of beautiful colors x 2",  4x4" 6x6 and 12x12 accents tiles
palm tree tile
 Palm Tree tropical Tiles  in sizes 2" x 2", 4" x 4",  6" x 6" and 12" x 12" diagonal or horizontal

colorful butterfly ceramic tiles
Colorful Butterfly accent tiles
2x2, 4x4, 6x6 or 12x12
fleur de lis ceramic tiles
Fleur de lis ceramic accent tiles in sizes 2" x 2", 4" x 4",  6" x 6" and 12" x 12"

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Buy kitchen backsplash  mosaic tile medallions, metal tiles, accents and tile murals for behind stove and sink areas and for bathrooms. Kitchen backsplashes of wine, vineyards, grapes, sunflowers, butterflies etc. Tile murals are designed and created by artist Linda Paul in her Colorado studio. They are beautiful and durable! prices $ 299.00 and up

Customer reviews:
by The Tuscany Arch tile backsplash is gorgeous and compliments the decor in the rest of the kitchen. I have received numerous comments on the backsplash on how beautiful the backsplash looks and the high quality of the tiles and positioning. Thanks Linda.