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 Tropical Paradise Tile Kitchen Backsplash Mural by artist Linda Paul

Florida tile backsplash and decorative art accent tiles of a window view of the beach with ocean waves, palm tree, and sunset. Perfect for tropical and beach house decor.

Artists inspiration: When its winter in Colorado there is no place I would rather be than on a island beach with my feet in the sand, a breeze in the palm trees, pondering life. I love to watch the ospreys and shorebirds make nests and fish in the ocean for food.. That is a good day. This painting was inspired on Sanibel Island in Florida. Artist Linda Paul

Florida Tile Mural of Tropical beach
Tropical Paradise by American Artist Linda Paul 
Price $
499.00 and up

 Our beautiful murals and accent tiles are available in porcelain/ceramic or marble tile. Marble tile murals have a 35% surcharge.  Please contact us to order your mural with marble tile

more details about tile types, sizes etc  About painted tile murals

Our standard finish is a satin finish,  Just let us know if you want a glossy finish (same price)

Pricing & Online Shopping

6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain  tile mural backsplash

Tropical Paradise Backsplash 24" x 18" on 6" tile $499.00
Tropical Paradise Backsplash 30" x 24" on 6" tile $649.00
Tropical Paradise Backsplash 36" x 30" on 6" tile $999.00
Tropical Paradise Backsplash 48" x 36" on 6" tile $1679.00
Tropical Paradise Backsplash 54" x 42" on 6" tile $2199.00

the 24 x 18, 48 x 36 and 54 x 42 crops a bit from the bottom
 see picture
 the 36" x 30" crops a bit from the sides
see picture
Tropical Paradise EXT Extended Version
tropical beach tile mural backsplash

6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain tile mural backsplash

Tropical Paradise EXT Backsplash 30" x 18" on 6" tile $599.00
Tropical Paradise EXT Backsplash 36" x 24" on 6" tile $799.00

Accent Tiles   6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain $50.00 each (can also be ordered in a 4.25" x 4.25" x 1/4" thick size)
nesting ospreys tile
osprey bird tile


TP-1 tile 6"

tile of blue heron on the beach
blue heron tile


TP-2 tile 6"

cardinal bird and sea oats tile
red cardinal & sea grape


TP-3 tile 6"

palm tree art tile
palm tree art tile

TP-4 tile 6"

tropical tile palm trees
Palm tree and  ocean sunset

TP-5 tile 6"

  about murals        
Heat setbacks from traditional stovetops Ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals must be set 6" above and 2" back from any heat source.  Hot pots/pans should be kept 2" away from the mural. A stone chair rail or pencil border around your mural will help to deflect heat from below
Do not install ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals above stoves that have a heat vent on the back. The heat that comes out of these oven vents is extreme

Dimensions are given as length first, then height. 

Don't know What Size to Order? If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space. Be sure to include all dimensions. We can design the perfect backsplash mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!

email  our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire   
toll  free  from
USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

When will I get my order?  Our  murals ship in approx. 4 weeks,   free shipping in USA and to Canada   see our in stock murals

you can expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks for an additional charge of $100.00
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Installation Pictures

A Pretty Tropical Kitchen
Our 24" x 18" Tropical Paradise on 6x6" porcelain tiles above the sink and matching accent tiles above stove. The red kitchen decor accents are a nice touch too

The customer who installed this mural says, "I wanted to share with you how happy I am with my Tropical Paradise Backsplash tile art.  Everyone loves my backsplash designed by Linda Paul, but not as much as I do." Carmen Rosa, NC

florida kitchen tile back splah mural
tropical back splash tiles - florida kitchen reiter
Featured Installation
A  custom Tropical paradise tile mural installed in a beautiful Florida kitchen. Love how the  heron decor on top of the cabinets matches the herons in the artwork

"Hi Linda! We love our mural in our Florida vacation home. We are thinking of another remodel and will be looking into purchasing another beautiful mural of yours. Thanks much!   Dee and Rich Kohl "

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Custom versions:
You can special order tropical paradise without the window

Get Tropical with your kitchen decor: You can decorate your whole kitchen using the tropical colors in this painting as inspiration. Use a soft creamy yellow for your wall paint color, cabinets can be beach house white or natural wood.  You can  use teal and red colors for accent pieces to create pops of color. The mural is stunning with green granite.

Read more reviews and comments from  customers who purchased a kitchen backsplash mural.

"The mural is even more beautiful than I had expected!  I love the smoothness of each tile, and the depth and beauty of the colors you used.  I also really appreciate the obvious care you had taken to ensure safe delivery.    Thank you for your talent.  Very sincerely,   Barbara McNair, San Diego "

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