Rooster Kitchen Decor
 Sunflowers and Rooster Kitchen Tile Backsplash by artist Linda Paul

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Rooster kitchen tile backsplash with sunflowers by Artist Linda Paul. This rooster tile kitchen backsplash will make any kitchen a happy, sunny place.

It is available in many sizes on 4.25" or 6" ceramic tiles. There are matching rooster and sunflower accent tiles too. Its perfect for farmhouse kitchens and rustic country  kitchen decor.

roosrer and sunflowers tile mural chicken backsplash  

 Rooster and Sunflowers by American Artist Linda Paul 
above 30" x 24" size
  6" x 6" x 1/4" ceramic tile mural

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 18" x 12" on 6" tile $399.00
see picture of 18" x 12"
Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 24" x 18" on 6" tile 499.00
the 24" x 18" is cropped from side a bit  see picture

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 30" x 18" on 6" tile $599.00
the 30" x 18" is cropped from top a bit  see picture
Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 30" x 24" on 6" tile $649.00
this is cropped from left side see picture below

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 36" x 24" on 6" tile $799.00

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 42" x 30" on 6" tile $1225.00

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 48" x 30" on 6" tile $1399.00

Rooster & Sunflowers Backsplash 54" x 36" on 6" tile $1890.00


 Our beautiful murals and accent tiles are made on 1/4" thick ceramic tile  
Please contact us for custom sizes or to order your mural or accents on 4.25" x 4.25" tile

more details about tile types, sizes etc  About painted tile murals

Murals and accent tiles have a satin finish

Pricing & Online Shopping

longer version of roosters and sunflowers mural
Super extended version SEV

6" x 6" x 1/4" ceramic tile mural

Rooster & Sunflowers SEV Backsplash 24" x 12"  on 6" tile $499.00
the 24" x 12" is cropped a bit
see picture
Rooster & Sunflowers SEV Backsplash 42" x 18"  on 6" tile $839.00
Rooster & Sunflowers SEV Backsplash 48" x 24"  on 6" tile $1119.00
Rooster & Sunflowers SEV Backsplash 54" x 24"  on 6" tile $1259.00
Rooster & Sunflowers SEV Backsplash 66" x 30"  on 6" tile $1929.00
the 66" x 30" is cropped to hinges of shutters

Rooster backsplash

 Double version of 2 roosters and Sunflowers -sizes for version above are 42" x 12" $639.00, 60" x 18" $1099.00

2 facing rooster backsplash
This double facing Roosters version sizes are 36" x 12" $539.00, 54" x 18" $959.00, 72" x 24" $1680.00

Accent Tiles  4.25" x 4.25" and  6" x 6"  (x 1/4"thick) ceramic tile  $50.00 each

rooster tile

Rooster accent tile
RS-1  $50.00 each

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sunflowers accent tile
sunflower bouquet

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yellow sunflower accent tile
yellow sunflower

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orange sunflower tile accent
 sunflower tile

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yellow sunflower tile
sunflower tile

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sunflower tile insert

sunflower tile

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sunflowers accent tile
sunflower tile

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sunflowers and rooster marble tile accent
rooster on the fence post
and sunflowers

1 6x6 in stock

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rooster glass cutting board
11" x 8" pictured above

Roosters and Sunflowers glass cutting board
 free shipping in US $49.99 and $64.99


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3/8" thick comes with 4 rubber feet
lead time about 1 week  see more glass cutting boards

  about murals        

Dimensions are given as length first, then height. 

Don't know What Size to Order? If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space. Be sure to include all dimensions. We can design the perfect backsplash mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!

contact our tile design experts at 303-818-2663

  Our  murals ship in approx. 1 to 2 weeks,   free shipping in USA   see our in stock murals

Installation Pictures
rooster kitchen decor
Gorgeous french country kitchen with our Rooster and Sunflowers tile mural backsplash. I love how our customer chose the beautiful neutral and timeless cabinets and brought pops of color in with our mural and the ceramic roosters and sunflower plate. The 4" x 2" subway tile  for the rest of the backsplash is a hot trend that is fits perfectly in the country french kitchen because  the brick shape makes you feel in could be in a farmhouse kitchen in France. The same customer  installed our sunflowers accent tiles in her laundry sink area

Just a follow-up to let you know our tiles arrived safe n sound. They are absolutely beautiful, we couldn't be happier! Wonderful ~ bright ~ joyful colors ~ Perfect in our new kitchen. Thank you very much, Susan Ulm and family , March 2016 (bought Rooster and Sunflowers tile mural)

Kitchen installation picture shows our 30 x 24" Rooster and Sunflowers on 6" x 6" ceramic tile

rooster tile backsplash idea
Here is a picture of the Rooster and Sunflower tile mural I recently purchased. This photo is the kitchen in our Florida home. As you can see I made a wood frame to match the cabinets and then installed the tiles with the thin set glue to a wood backing. All of this was assembled in my shop at my New Jersey home to pretty exact measurements and then shipped UPS to the Florida home. My wife and I are very pleased with the mural and the finished project, Thank you for your product and your service.

My wife and I have a friend who installed a tile mural on a wall in his restaurant and it looked so good we decide to to the same behind the stove in our vacation home. We went with a chicken/rooster design  in curtains and assorted wall art and the mural we ordered from you goes with our colors perfectly. I found your website by chance after I did a general "tile wall mural" search on the internet. They were a number of sites but yours had the pattern and colors that we liked the best. Sincerely, Charlie Hill 
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