Fish Tiles - Black and White artistic kitchen tile murals of fish and sea life

 Original images are from are Dwight Hwang, put onto ceramic tile by artist Linda Paul. Fish Tiles include tuna, salmon, trout, octopus, bass, seahorse, koi etc  

 Dwight Hwang octopus tile mural
 Octopus Magic Flying Carpet Tile mural

These beautiful fish and sea life tile murals are perfect for a nautical inspired or coastal kitchen Sizes and prices: 24 x 12 $599.00 24 x 18 $599.00 30 x 18 $699.00 30 x 24" $749.00 36" x 24" $899.00
contact Linda with the size of your space and the image you are interested in.
Let Linda know if there is another Dwight Hwang image that you would like.

Lead time about 2 weeks
octopus tile mural nautical backsplash

Here are some of the sea life and fish tiles murals that we can make from the the art of Dwight Hwang.
barber of squidville rockfish tile mural backsplash

Barber of Squidville - Rockfish and squid
black and white fish tile mural

BLUEFIN TUNA  tile mural 
seahorse black and white tile mural

seahorse and sea fan tiles

2 hog fish and sea fan tile mural backsplash
2 hogfish and sea fan
Garibaldi fish mural mexican waters
Garibaldi fish mural mexican waters tile mural
anglerfish tile mural
Angler fish tile mural
chinook king salmon tile mural
Chinook King salmon tile mural

sheephead fish backsplash tiles
California Sheephead fish tile mural
trout fish tiles
Juvenile brown trout tile mural
koi fish tiles
Koi and lily pads backsplash tiles
salmon tile mural
salmon Rush tile mural

brown trout tile mural black and white
Brown Trout and Fly Rod tile mural - can be made full length or shortened from the right side
Crawling Octopus Tile mural
About Artist Dwight Hwang and traditional Gyotaku painting: Dwight Hwang creates classical Japanese gyotaku art and European nature printing The original method of Gyotaku during its origin was deceptively simple in both its technique and the materials used. A brush to swab calligraphy ink made of pine soot and water, called Sumi, directly onto the surface of the fish, and then a sheet of Japanese paper made from mulberry bark, called Washi (Kozo), pressed onto the inked surface to produce a print.

Artist Linda Paul takes Dwight Hwang's beautiful images of fish and nature and puts them onto ceramic tiles for kitchen and bathroom tile murals


octopus tile mural nautical backsplash
customer review "I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did making and getting us our tiles for our kitchen. We love them so much." Jonathan and Kellie, Westwood NJ
fish black and white tile mural backsplash
Dwight Hwang tile mural backsplash
Customer review, "Everyone who steps into the kitchen immediately comments on it, asking where we found it! Thank you for your help finding just the right image for us. Sincerely,Lizsa, Stevensville, MD
tuna fish backsplash
Great installation of the Blue Fin Tuna tile mural. The dark tile really compliments it

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picasso fish tile mural
Fishing with Picasso
fish tile mural

black and white fish skeleton tiles
Fish Bones hand-painted glass tiles by Linda Paul