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Original Art Paintings on sale! by artist Linda Paul

original artwork for sale - art paintings at great discount prices by artist Linda Paul. Ships out from our studio in 3 to 5 days.

If you are looking for original affordable art to buy you have come to the right place. One of a kind, original paintings at fabulous prices

from $99.00

one fish two fish painting 10 x 10
One fish, two fish 10 x 10 painting
abstract fish - black white red ywllow 10 x 10
abstract fish 10 x 10

painting red white black yellow plaid
get this one free! when you buy the other two

Set of 3 Paintings

Each painting is size 10" x 10"  x 1.5" deep. Ready to hang on your wall. One Fish Two Fish and Abstract Fish and Plaid painting

The black white red and yellow plaid one is free

Price $199.00 for all 3 originals

1 set in stock  - free shipping too

More info and larger sizes

Art Deco Ode to Wine Original framed painting by artist Linda Paul
framed sized 26" x 20" (x 3/4" deep) in silver frame
Mixed Media on board

free shipping in USA and to Canada
price $599.00 
on sale for just $299.00 with free shipping in USA

   only 1 available - this is the original painting!


fleur de lis original art painting in copper and blue-green patina framed
Copper  Patina Fleur de Lis
size 12" x 14"  $799.00
on sale $199.00

 Copper Patina Fleur de Lis Framed Art Painting by artist Linda Paul
Size:  12" x 14"
x 1" (frame depth)
Sale Price: $199.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



 Ocean Waves Original acrylic painting by artist Linda Paul 
  Size 48" x 36" x 2"
Acrylic on  wood panel

$4990.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada
Sale price $1190.00  you save $3800.00

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



super deal
sqaure abstract art painting in red, green and purple
Square abstract art paintings
6" x 6" x 3/4" $149.00 for all 3
set of 3 original abstract art paintings  by artist Linda Paul
each painting is 6" x 6"  x 3/4" deep. Ready to hang on your wall

just $149.00 for all three paintings with free shipping

   only 1 set available


About this set of contemporary paintings: These original paintings will arrive at your door ready to hang on your wall. They are painted on 18" x 18" x 2" wood panels. The sides are painted in red as well. 

Set of 3 Contemporary Art Paintings - Pears, Peppers and Apples
each Painting is 18" x 18" x 2"
 Paintings on sale $899.00  for all three



 Ocean Waves Original Acrylic painting by artist Linda Paul   Size 12" x 12" x 3/4" no frame needed - sides are painted blue - ready to hang on your wall
Price: $499.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada
Sale price $199.00

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



 The Lemon tree original acrylic painting by artist Linda Paul  
Size 30" x 24" x 2"
Price $2500.00
Sale Price: $1190.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



Wine Paintings
Wine & Art
29" x 35"

Frame:  3" hand-crafted,  solid wood frame. Frame is hand-finished in plaster and egg tempera by the artist and is the same color as the side wall in the painting. 

more info

Wine and Art Original Framed Painting by Linda Paul
sculpted bas-relief and egg tempera painting
Framed Size is 35" x 29"
Painting on Sale for  $1690.00  

only 1 in all the world, this is  the original

Artist's Inspiration: My inspiration for this painting is my love of Italy, art and wine! on each label is a miniature painting of one of my other paintings 

Boats in the Harbor - original egg tempera painting framed size 31" x 27"
$699.00  this is an amazing price for an original framed painting



monochromatic still life painting original freso artwork
 Italian Fresco Wall
with fruits and veggies
29" x 29" On sale $1299.00 for set of 2 framed  paintings

About this set of  paintings: These one of a kind fresco paintings arrive ready to hang on your wall,  They come framed in hand-crafted museum quality frames which have been hand finished by the artist to perfectly match the paintings

These are bas-relief sculptures as well as paintings. All of the elements were sculpted in bas-relief before being painted in pure egg tempera which I make by hand by grinding natural pigments mixed with a touch of egg yolk.

set of 2 paintings
 Fresco Wall with Fruit and Fresco Wall with Veggies -  Original artwork
egg tempera framed paintings.
Sale Price $1299.00 for both paintings

    only 1 set available - these are the original paintings!



French Country Art paintings
Original artwork on sale
beautiful French Country framed  paintings
More info on The lane and Hollyhock Lane

Set of 2 original egg tempera framed paintings - Down The lane and Hollyhock Lane by artist Linda Paul
Size of each painting is is 25" x 29"

free shipping
Price $2900.00
$1790.00 for both paintings!

     There is the only one set in all the world, these are
the originals


 Set of 3 Life Series Original Egg Tempera and Glass Art (Mixed Media) Paintings
 Each painting is 18" x  36" x  3/4"
 price $2990.
 Sale Price $1900.00 (for set of 3)

    only 1 set available - these are the original paintings!



abstract sunflower painting   side view of sunflower painting

The 2" deep sides are painted in black
more about this original artwork
Contemporary original painting of sunflower in thick acrylic impasto paint. Can tolerate high humidity

On Sale -Sunflower Power - Original acrylic painting 18" x 18" x 2"
 Price: $699.00
Painting Sale Price: $399.00   Savings: $300.00



fat italian chef painting in gold frame

This Italian chef and barista will add a splash of red to you kitchen decor. The coffee cup sign of the wall says "cucina italiano" which means Italian Kitchen

Italian Chef Original Bas-Relief and Egg tempera Painting Framed in Gold Frame - Framed Size 14.5" x 17"
Now just



coffee beans painting

This sculpted painting of coffee beans and  burlap bags and  is perfect for coffee decor.

Coffee Beans Original Bas-Relief and Egg tempera Painting Framed in Gold Frame - Framed Size 14.5" x 17"



absract art painting

Original abstract Art painting by artist Linda Paul
Title "Amber"

framed in black high gloss acrylic frame
framed size 12" wide x 14.25" high
Medium: acrylic

free shipping
Price $399.00
Sale price:  $99.00


 If you wish to have it shipped unframed just send me an email (same price though)


Artists Statement"
When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, I always say, ‘the next one I am going to paint!”

Favorite question and life philosophy is WHAT IF?  I will fearlessly follow even a thread of curiosity when combining mediums or styles. Let process take me on any tangent.. What's the worst thing that could happen? Even what seems to be any ugly painting or a failure will lead to other things that are not. I feel that unless I am prepared to fail, I can not improve and grow.

Style: I don't paint in any one style, I let inspiration speak to me and I go with the flow. My work runs the gamut from chunky realism to abstract  and impressionist painting.
 I use many different mediums to
create my artworks.  One of my favorites is egg tempera which I make by crushing stones and minerals and adding egg yolk. Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite and natural green earth found around Verona Italy. I even use minerals found during hikes in the Rocky Mountains.   
I am captivated not only by the purity and naturalness of this medium, but by the science of it. Each pigment has its own set of properties and capabilities that must be explored. How better to express visions of the earth than with earth itself.  This medium is luminous and lasts for centuries.
read more about egg tempera

I also make my own acrylic paint in the same manner. By adding pure pigment to a acrylic polymer. I can add thing like crushed mica , metals and pearlescents to make the painting come alive.

"I just wanted to thank you for your lovely paintings.   They arrived yesterday and I just opened them this morning.  They are even more beautiful than I imagined.  Also, the packaging was superb.  They are exactly what I wanted. "
Sincerely, Phyllis Plekavic

We received your original painting of Wine & Roses!  Your talent is amazing and we love the painting.  The colors are extraordinarily beautiful and the sculpturing of the roses make them seem alive! 
Deborah and Jerry , NC

"We recently purchased 3 of your paintings online (2 originals and 1 print) and we are extremely pleased with all of them. The colors are extremely vibrant and add so much character to the rooms in which they hang. The web photos looked great but when the real things arrived, we were overwhelmed by the quality. We're already scouting around the house to see where we can add some additional paintings to bare walls! Diane and Bob Moseley, Arnold, MD  "
more customer comments

Why Buy Original art?Some people may ask, "why buy original art when you can buy a nice print". Several reasons, simply put, the original is just far more beautiful. Its also one of a kind. This beauty does not translate as well in the digital world. Another reason is that the original captures the soul of the artist, what the artist is feeling when they are creating the piece can tangibly be felt in an original artwork. Of course the original is far more valuable and usually increases in value. You should buy original art because you love it! It will enrich your life.

Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your art purchase from "Linda Paul Studio". 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase."