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Autumn Leaves original sculpted art painting by artist Linda Paul

Autumn Leaves Original Painting by Linda Paul
framed Size 32" x 42" x 2"  Free shipping in USA

 Price $ 599.00

autum fall leaves original painting

On Sale - Autumn Leaves - original framed bas-relief and egg tempera painting by artist Linda Paul
Size 32" x 42" (x2" deep)
 Price: $2500.00
Sale Price: $599.00 with free shipping in USA


This beautiful original sculpted painting  perfectly captures the transitional style from classic to contemporary decor. Each falling leaf was individually sculpted by Linda Paul in 1/8" bas-relief, then gilded in either pure copper or gold, then painted in traditional egg tempera made from crushed stone and egg yolk. The copper and gold of the leaves changes and captures the light fantastically. The painting is framed in a 1-1/2" handcrafted wooden frame which has been hand painted by the artist to perfectly match the artwork  

cinderella pumpkins and mmaple leaves
Linda's pumpkins and maple tree
Artists' Inspiration

 Its an inspirational, breezy fall day here in Colorado.  Signs of autumn are everywhere; pumpkins in the fields, turning  leaves and an edge of winter chill  in the air. Time for a new painting!  I love the autumn for its whimsical quality and last bloom of real warmth. It reminds us to enjoy life and give thanks to the earth for what she has provided us before mother nature blasts us with winter and reminds us who is boss. In my painting, I  want to capture both autumn colors and the feeling of autumn, so to me, that also means capturing movement and change.

fall pictures of autumn blaze maple
maple tree starting to turn color
In autumn the fall leaves in the mountains are gorgeous. I am inspired by the two autumn blaze maple trees at my studio that put on a spectacular display of color every year, and also by the pumpkins that we grow in our garden. We like to grow the "cinderella" ones for purely for their shape and amusement.

So its time to take all these inspirations and create a sketch

The Sketch Begins

So I have done an sketch based on my initial inspirations. I like the feeling of the sketch a lot, but I think I want to extend the height to add more leaves.  So the painting will be mostly falling, colorful maple leafs and just a bit of a country landscape and possibly a red barn and pumpkin patch at the very bottom. Back to the drawing board! (literally)

Working on the board

For my egg tempera paintings, virtually nothing comes from the art supply store except my paint brushes. Egg tempera paintings require a rigid base to work on. Historically this has always been board of some sort. For this painting I have cut a maple board to a 30" x 40" size, then I have built and glued a crib of wood supports on the back of the board. This will support the sculpting that I plan to do for the leaves of the artwork

The Bas-relief sculpture

This week I created the bas-relief sculpture part of the artwork on the board.  I individually drew and sculpted each leaf.  The relief of each  is only about 1/8", but it adds such incredible texture and life to the artwork.

I am starting to think about color. I may do an underlying layer of 24 karat gold and copper on some of the leaves. I may have to do a little study painting to figure out where I am going with this

Egg Tempera Painting Part Begins

I decided to paint the sky in layers of pale ocher and soft apricot so the color of the leaves would really pop.  I have blocked in the bit of landscape at the bottom but won't be revisiting that until I figure out where I am going with the colors of my leaves

Each of the maple leaves will be either 24 karat gold or copper leaf which I will patina before applying. I put an underlying layer of red under the gold and copper. The two leaves on the far right are the 24 k gold over the red base. The three leaves on the left have started to get their top layers of egg tempera paint.

The Painting is coming along very nicely.  It has the feeling of movement which I wanted to capture.  All of the plain red leaves in the picture (left) have a  red egg tempera base and are awaiting to receive their 24 k gold or copper layer

I have a very unique technique when it comes to egg tempera painting. I learned egg tempera on my own and never studied the few books that are out there on it. When you don't know the rules, you are free to break them!. Traditional egg tempera is strict in its methodology and very time consuming (not that I am a fast painter by any stretch).  To my knowledge I am the only artist in the world to ever combine egg tempera painting with bas-relief sculpture. Read more
About Egg Tempera

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