"Mother of Pearl" original egg tempera painting by artist Linda Paul

Contemporary abstract painting of ocean and sky view through the inside of a shell with gold pearl and blue sky.  Free shipping in USA

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 contemporary abstract shell painting - blue paintings for sale

  Mother of Pearl 30" x 40" Original painting by artist Linda Paul
  Price $1490.00
free shipping in USA

    only 1 available - this is the the original painting!

You can also buy a 16" x 20" size below

mother of pearl painting side view
Side view of painting.
In this view you can see the gold
iridescence in the shell and pearl.

About this artwork:
This original work of art is painted on a 30" x 40" x 2" cradled art panel/board.  It is a solid surface. The 2" deep sides are painted in dark blue. The artwork is frameless and arrives at your door ready to hang on your wall.

This artwork was painted in pure egg tempera made from natural crushed stone and earth mixed with a bit of water and egg yolk. The blue paint come from crushed lapis lazuli stone. Linda's ocher colors come from the ancient mines of France and Italy. read more about egg tempera paintings:

Mother of Pearl  painting provides the pop of color that this contemporary white living room needs. The blue glass vase picks up the blue color in the painting and even emulates the shape and fluidity of the painting. Linda Paul is working on an entire series of paintings inspired by the ocean, shells and waves that are perfect for contemporary decor.

mother of pearl painting

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16 " x 20" Painting:
buy for $399.00  painted on 16" x 20" x  3/4" deep panel with dark blue sides, does not need a frame - ready to hang

 Mother of Pearl original Painting by artist Linda Paul
Price: $399.00 with free shipping in USA

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!


shell from sanibel island  inspiration for painting
Artist's Inspiration:
I took a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida and spent a lot of time walking the beach and looking at shells. I am particularly inspired by the inside of a shell, its contours and opalescent qualities.
I want to create an contemporary/abstract painting based on this inspiration.

Artist's Influences:
My very first artistic influence and favorite painting was by artist Lawren Harris from the Canadian Group of Seven. Growing up in Saskatoon (Canada), my parents would take me to the Mendel Art Gallery where they have this untitled Harris original painting of mountains. Even at a very young age I was drawn in by the raw power of the painting. It spoke to me. I tried to channel this feeling and spirit in my Mother of Pearl artwork.

Steps to create this painting
This picture shows work starting on the 16 x 20 study painting. I emulated the shadow contour from  the inside of the above shell to create my central shape. I then painted repeating grey and white shell contours on the left side. I decided to have the central shape reflect the sky and sea and the round ball is of course the pearl. I love the idea that the shell animal is the creator and mother of the pearl.

I am back to my roots on this one. I am painting it in old school egg tempera and pulling in aspects of my life's artistic journey starting with my earliest art influences

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