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Abstract Beach Art Paintings by artist Linda Paul

Set of 2 Contemporary abstract seascape beach paintings of pearls in the shell and on the beach by artist Linda Paul.  Made in my Colorado art studio
$ 1598.00 for both paintings

beach wall art of pearls in the sand
Pearls In The Sand 
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contemporary beach house painting of pearls and shell
The Blue Pearl click to see larger picture

  Set of 2 original paintings The Blue Pearl and Pearls in the Sand by artist Linda Paul
each painting is 24" x 24"
Price $1598.00 for both paintings free shipping in USA and to Canada

    only 1 set available - these are the original paintings!

side view of pearls on the beach painting   side view of peral on the beach painting
side view of paintings
Each original painting is on 24" x 24" 1.5" deep canvas Mixed mediums: mostly acrylic paint with some sand and pearl pigments.

These painting can be commissioned in larger sizes and different colors to match your decor Set of 2 paintings is $ 2490.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada.

Artist's Technique: These abstract beach paintings have great texture and luminosity. I used actual sand mixed with pigment for the sand and each pearl it lightly lightly formed in relief. I used many layers of pearlescent and light reflecting pearl pigments on the shell.  They are luminous and change with the light. The blue pearl has actual silver under the paint to reflect and play with the light. and there are little flecks if silver in the sand. The paintings make a great set for any beach inspired decor

Artist's Inspirations:  Simply put, I love the beach and the ocean. I love being in it, on it, watching it and discovering its beauty and bounty.  I like fishing too.  I wanted to create an abstract of beach inspiration but not so abstract as to lose the beauty of a pearl and its mother shell

I love a mix of classic and contemporary beach decor. In this bedroom, the float glass lamps and blue and white nautical colors are classic. The clean lines and my shell and abstract seascape paintings a make it contemporary knockout.

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Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your art purchase from "Linda Paul Studio". 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase."