Bonsai Tree Paintings for sale -  Original Art Paintings by artist Linda Paul

Lyrical abstract original acrylic bonsai tree artwork on canvas. size 20" x 20" x 1.5"

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bonsai tree painting

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  Juniper of Wind and Water
20"  x 20" x 1.5" deep,  acrylic on canvas

 green, gold, rust turquoise and white.
 Original painting by Linda Paul


This painting was be donated to the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society silent auction  September 1 2023

back side of canvas
back side of painting

left side
left side view
right side
right side view

This painting was inspired by bonsai master Ryan Neil's and his Sierra Juniper# 8 at Bonsai Mirai.

Here is Ryan Neil's review of the painting. "Linda's interpretation of our work touches on the abstract form in a way other interpretations haven't. We find it inspiring and informative how creative minds further convey the interest of the trees we put our hands on." - Ryan Neil, Bonsai Mirai

bottom view of painting
bottom side
top side
top side of painting

Artist's Inspiration: Bonsai is my new hobby and this tree was inspired from Sierra Juniper# 8 at Mirai Bonsai. In nature everything is connected, wind water, photosynthesis.  I used only acrylic paint, drinking straws and the power of my lungs to make the patterns in the painting much as the wind creates the shapes of our Colorado mountain pine trees. I started working with bonsai trees in fall of 2020 as an additional creative outlet.  I was immediately enchanted and obsessed with my little tree babies and even built a special garden for them with rocks from our Mountain property.


handmade bonsai forest pot for sale
Bonsai handmade concrete pots for sale - unique, light and tough
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Hand-made green concrete bonsai pot. Its perfect for a small forest or tropical bonsai.  17" x 12" x 2" only 5 lb.
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Artists Statement
When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, I always say, ‘the next one I am going to paint!”

Favorite question and life philosophy is WHAT IF?  I will fearlessly follow even a thread of curiosity when combining mediums or styles. Let process take me on any tangent.. What's the worst thing that could happen? Even what seems to be any ugly painting or a failure will lead to other things that are not. I feel that unless I am prepared to fail, I can not improve and grow.

"I just wanted to thank you for your lovely paintings.   They arrived yesterday and I just opened them this morning.  They are even more beautiful than I imagined.  Also, the packaging was superb.  They are exactly what I wanted. "
Sincerely, Phyllis Plekavic

Why Buy Original art? Some people may ask, "why buy original art when you can buy a nice print". Several reasons, simply put, the original is just far more beautiful. Its also one of a kind. This beauty does not translate as well in the digital world. Another reason is that the original captures the soul of the artist, what the artist is feeling when they are creating the piece can tangibly be felt in an original artwork. Of course the original is far more valuable and usually increases in value. You should buy original art because you love it! It will enrich your life.

Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your art purchase from "Linda Paul Studio". 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase."