Arianne original ballet art painting by artist Linda Paul

This beautiful original impressionist art ballet painting features a single dancer at the barr with beautiful museum quality frame
Framed Size: 13" x 17"  Free shipping in USA

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 Arianne- Original Framed Ballet Painting  13" x 17"  
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    only 1 available - this is the original painting!

free shipping in USA

back side of painting
back side of painting
side view of painting
side view


About these original art paintings
American Artist Linda Paul uses natural crushed stone & earth mixed with a bit of water and egg yolk to make her paint. Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite & natural green earth found around Verona Italy. She uses fascinating colors which have been "lost" for hundreds of years and new colors which she has discovered in the Rocky Mountains. Her earth ochres come from the ancient open pit mines of  Rousillon France.  Her artwork is both beautiful and lumionous. These Paintings will last for centuries!  
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Why Buy Original art? Some people may ask, "why buy original art when you can buy a nice print". Several reasons, simply put, the original is just far more beautiful. Its also one of a kind. This beauty does not translate as well in the digital world. Another reason is that the original captures the soul of the artist, what the artist is feeling when they are creating the piece can tangibly be felt in an original artwork. Of course the original is far more valuable and usually increases in value. You should buy original art because you love it! It will enrich your life.

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