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Living Room decorating and wall decor ideas. Wall art for your home.

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This Colorful original painting of a cityscape reflecting in the water will brighten up any room!

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Primary Colors are a great way to bring cheer to your life and living room decor.

Linda Paul's Flower Power painting is perfect with these colors of turquoise, yellow, green , red and white. Painting is for sale

Decorate with Turquoise - Its soothing and Cheerful. here is Linda's Turquoise Bloom painting in customer's home and their review.

Customer review:" Thank you for your beautiful painting. It is even more vibrant than the photo in the website. I love the organic nature of the painting and the sense of movement and flow. " Linda Foss

more turquoise paintings by Linda Paul

Get Tropical with your Entryway Art - Foyer Art Ideas!

Artist Linda Paul's Tropical Rain Forest in the Abstract painting makes this neutral colored entryway  pop. Pairing your art with some fresh tropical flowers is so welcoming

More info on this painting  24" x 36" $799.00

wall art for grey living room decor
Grey Living Room Ideas!

Artist Linda Paul's colorful magenta flower original abstract art is a perfect companion to this grey living room. Paintings are sold individually, so you can buy 1, 2 or all 4 depending what you need for the size of your wall.  Buying multiple matching paintings in a set,  instead of one large one is a great idea for giving you more flexibility when you move to a new home.

More info on these paintings  30" x 30" each $799.00

Coastal Beach Vibe for White Living Room

This ocean art is perfect to give a white living room that relaxed beach house feel.  Buy any of the three paintings or just one

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Create a Beach House Style bedroom that tropical and restful

Linda Paul's Turquoise Bloom original painting is the perfect addition to this aqua/turquoise coastal bedroom decor.

More living room and bedroom decorating ideas coming soon!