Fleur de Lis Tile Metal Tile and Mosaic medallion

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bronze fleur de lis medallion
above in bronze antique patina

nickel silver medallion
above in Nickel Silver high polish with S1 and S7 Marble mosaics

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show below in Copper Oil Rubbed with S3 S5 mosaics
fleur de lis backsplash mini medallion

copper oil rubbed, S3 S5 stones
copper fleur de lis mosaic backsplash
copper high polish S3 S5
Exclusively from Linda Paul Studio
Fleur de Elegance Diagonal Mini Medallion $399.99
Each side measures 10" x 10", top to bottom and side to side points measure 14"
Arrives fully assembled on a mesh backing, just glue to the wall and grout the stones. Tile part is 3/8" thick. Fleur de lis protrudes another 1" in relief. Individually handcrafted in USA
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In stock and ready to ship we have 2 in bronze antique patina, 4 in copper antique patina, 1 in copper oil rubbed, 2 in copper high polish, all with S3 and S5 travertine tile . We also have 3 in nickel silver high polish with S1 Carrara White and S7 Negro  marquino stones and S7

copper fleur de lis medallion
copper antique patina S3 S5
side view of bronze oil rubbed S3 S5
fleur de lis mosaic tile and metal medallion
view of installed Bronze antique patina

$399.99  free shipping in USA 

Fleur de Elegance 10 x 10 Mini Medallion in BRONZE ANTIQUE PATINA with S3 and  S5 Travertine Mosaic tile
Fleur de Elegance 10 x 10 Mini Medallion in COPPER ANTIQUE PATINA with S3 and S5 Travertine Mosaic tile
Fleur de Elegance 10 x 10 Mini Medallion in COPPER OIL RUBBED with S3 and S5 Travertine Mosaic tile
Fleur de Elegance 10 x 10 Mini Medallion in NICKEL SILVER HIGH POLISH with S1 and S7 MARBLE Mosaic tile


The center fleur de lis is high quality metal coated resin., surrounded by either travertine (S3 S5 or marble tile (s1 S7) copper, bronze and nickel silver.  They are hand-crafted in the USA. free shipping in USA

fleur de lis bronze antique patina
Fleur de Elegance Borderless Onlay  
shown in bronze antique patina
 6.5"wide x  8.25"high $169.95
thickness is  1-1/8"
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Fleur de Elegance Borderless Accent Onlay $169.95
We have 2 in stock in bronze oil rubbed, 2 in bronze antique patina ,  these ship right away.


fleur de lis tile onlay bronze oil rubbed
bronze oil rubbed
back side of tile onlay
back side

Installation pictures and ideas for fleur de lis backsplash

Mediterranean Style kitchen with Fleur de lis small mosaic and metal medallion

This installation of our fleur de lis small medallion hits it out of the park! The installer did a great job of utilizing different tiles and making a ledge above the stove. Love the red accents too. The medallion is in stock in several metal finishes.

Before picture of Kitchen

before and after picture kitchen backsplash
After new backsplash is installed

after picture fleur de is backsplash
close up of fleur de lis mini medallion in bronze oil rubbed S3 S5
leur de lis

tuscan kitchen with grapes medallion
Fabulous kitchen with our grapes and wandering vine medallion
Colors used were S3 Light travertine and S5 Noche with copper antique patina accents 
fleur de lis kitchen design idea
 Customer review: My wonderful kitchen! I couldn’t be more pleased with the medallions from your studio. I absolutely LOVE them and it really was the finishing piece to my new kitchen. Tracy Golden, Macon GA

close up of fleur de lis mini medallion
fleur de lis mini medallion in Bronze antique patina with S3 S5 mosaic stones

installation picture of fleur de lis medallion
The medallion is surrounded by random pattern travertine tile with a nice border along the counter edge 
fleur de lis tile design
Make a big statement with a small budget and some creative tile frame work. Bronze antique patina S3 S5 Stone Customer says. "Just a quick photo of The Medallion that we purchased from you... added a few personal touches and voila, a beautiful unique focal point!" Jill Rothe, NY.    
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sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina 
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed 
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina 
nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish