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handmade artist created bonsai pot for sale USA
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Price $199.00 sold march 2023

    1 of a kind!

Free shipping, no returns.
One of a kind handmade  by artist Linda Paul.
Charcoal grey concrete bonsai pot.
15" x 11" x 3" high
weight only 3.75 lb.
frost proof
Process: The internal structure of this pot is sculptor's wire that Linda formed into shape by hand ( see picture of internal wire structure). Then pigmented concrete was applied by hand. This pot is light yet very strong. There is internal wire structure in every part of the pot. The charcoal grey color is throughout the concrete. That way if you were ever to chip it, the color in not just in the top layer, but all the way through. You can see a little of the structural wire on the bottom side, but its the bottom and reason that it is on sale

This very unique handmade pot might just be perfect for your next bonsai tree and spring repotting!

Drilling holes: The pot drills very easily, so you can add more holes wherever you want them. Just use a masonry bit and water and always drill from the front side.

bottom of pot
bottom of pot
internal wire
internal wire structure of pot