Italian Pizza Kitchen Original egg tempera painting by artist Linda Paul

Original painting by Linda Paul of an arched window featuring a fat Italian chef, pizza, tomatoes,  basil, olives and garlic as well as a view of a  garden with outdoor pizza oven and pergola. This painting is perfect for Italian kitchen decor and pizza restaurants Free shipping in USA

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Italian Pizza Kitchen painting 

Italian Pizza Kitchen Original Framed art Painting by artist Linda Paul 35" x 29"
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the original

Artists Inspiration: My inspiration for this artwork is my love of with wood fired pizza,  my tomato garden and all things Italian. 

The very unique frame is a custom wood frame which I  have finished in a dark color to match the colors of the grapevine. I have inset some beige and gold travertine mosaic tiles around the inside of the frame. I used a craquelure technique in the painting for an aged look

italian restaurant Art
This artwork is also available as a backsplash tile mural 

rough sketch for pizza kitchen painting
rough sketch
Here is how this artwork was created 

This painting began with a 2 minute rough sketch at my desk with a cup of coffee. This gets my ideas down on paper.  The fast sketches usually capture my instincts and feel that I want and then I develop the painting from this initial inspiration

I planted tomatoes  and basil every year and I love pizza, Who doesn't?

The painting will feature a  window overlooking an garden with outdoor pizza oven and columned pergola. The window will be arched and the foreground will contain a fabulous margarita pizza, tomatoes, olives, basil, garlic, mozzarella cheese and a fat Italian chef overseeing it all. I may do an elaborate grapevine pattern around the window

I have refined the sketch and drawn it on to a 30" x 24" board

Then I created a marble look to the wall around the arched window by adding wet pure natural pigments into wet acrylic polymer to achieve the marble look and texture.

 The pigments I use are natural earth ochres that come from ancient mines of France and Italy.

I have started painting in the background and added an outdoor pizza oven and garden pergola. I have sculpted mosaic tiles around the inside window arch area.

Next I will work on the other large elements like the chef and pizza as well as the sculpted grapevine border which will go around the window . The fat chef will be holding some Italian cheese as well as a garlic and some basil. That's pretty much perfect food!
The artwork is coming along nicely. I have pretty much finished the sculpting part which includes the Italian chef and the grapevine border. I have sculpted all the items in very low relief using a polymer. For the grapevine surrounding the window,  I have painted an underlayer of gold over over the sculpted polymer which I will paint with bronze metal powder and egg yolk and then apply dark brown shadows to emulate the look of oil rubbed bronze.
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