Mama's Cooking - Cajun and Louisiana inspired kitchen art by American artist Linda Paul

Mama's Cooking Original cajun painting with blue crab, shrimp tree frog and verse - Cajun cooking and New Orleans art Painting for Sale
 This is a sculpture as well as a painting. All the major elements were sculpted in low relief before being painting in pure egg tempera.

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Mama's Cooking
Artists Inspirations: I had a lot of fun creating this original painting. Its an ode to mama's and cooking everywhere. In the south, watch out for those pesky (but pretty) tree frogs and you have to eat some blue crabs.  I wrote the verse and it goes:

Mama be cooking on da bayou
Holy trinity & spice for da gumbo
Daddy be fishin in his piroque
Tonight a party and a little zydeco

Mamas Cooking original sculpted bas-relief & egg tempera painting - Size 10" x 10" x 1"     Free shipping in USA

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only 1 in all the world, this is  the original

Each original  is 10" x 10". They are painted on 1" thick maple boards with hand-painted sides. These paintings arrive at your door ready to hang and do not need to be framed.
These original works of art  are sculptures as well as a paintings! All the  elements were sculpted in low relief before being painting in pure egg tempera. This art work was painted in many layers of egg tempera made from natural ground stones and egg yolk.  Linda Paul uses  lapis lazuli, malachite and ochers from ancient mines in Provence France to make her paint.  read more about the French ochre mines

How these paintings were created
Pepper Tango Sketch
 sketch for "Pepper Tango"
holy trinity sketch
sketch for Holy Trinity
mama's cooking sketch
Sketch for "Mama's Cooking"

After the sketches are done, I study them to see if I like the placement of the main elements, I look at positive and the negative space between the elements. Color is barely a thought at this stage. But I find myself being inspired by the colors in a blue crab. Because this series will be sculpted in bas-relief, I have to nail down the placement of the elements because I can not move them once they are sculpted.

2. The Sculpting Process

sculpted pepper tango
"Pepper Tango" is sculpted.
sculpted holy trinity
Holy Trinity is sculpted.  I moved the pepper over  from the sketch above
sculpted mama's cooking
Mama's cooking. Frog, crab and
bar of music are sculpted in bas-relief

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