Metal Tile Accents of Crabs and Crayfish by artist Linda Paul

 Solid metal tiles by artist Linda Paul : crawfish, lobster, crab. Each is unique and hand finished in an oil rubbed stainless/pewter or copper finish that matches perfectly with today's appliances and kitchen decor. These are durable and beautiful! Little touches and details can make an ordinary backsplash fabulous. This is a simple way to get great style and interest in your back splash.  These metal tiles of  crabs and crayfish are original art by artist Linda Paul cast in a local Colorado bronze foundry from $79.99

original art metal sculptures and  tiles of crawfish and crab

This is original  art by artist Linda Paul.   free shipping in USA

     Size 6" x 6"  (physically measures 5-7/8" x 5-7/8")
choice of 2 finishes oil rubbed stainless steel or oil rubbed copper

 These solid metal crustaceans are perfect for seafood inspired kitchens or restaurants
Each tile is finished by hand so slight differences occur

copper crayfish or lobster tile

crawfish tile 6x6"

Crayfish solid metal tile 6" x 6"
in oil rubbed copper finish

Price: $79.99  

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free shipping in USA


oil rubbed copper crab tile
crab tile 6x6"

Crab solid metal tile 6" x 6"
in oil rubbed copper finish

Price: $79.99  

qty:    6 in stock   


crawfish or lobster 6x6 metal tile accent and sculpture

crawfish tile 6x6"

Crawfish solid metal tile 6" x 6"
in oil rubbed stainless finish

Price: $79.99  

qty:    6 in stock


About these metal tiles: These are hand finished little works of art! Because of the hand-finishing, a little color variation occurs. This is how you know something is created lovingly by hand They are durable and easy to clean with soap and water or Windex. Avoid gritty kitchen cleaners and scrub pads that could scratch the finish  The copper metal accent tiles go nicely with today's oil rubbed bronze and copper fixtures and our oil rubbed stainless finish coordinates with stainless steel fixtures and kitchen appliances.

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Customer review:  I received the tile, (crab) and wanted to thank you again. It is even more stunning in person, the attention to detail is amazing. Many thanks, you are truly talented! Thanks, Nicole

Installation Pictures

crayfish metal tile in fishing camp backsplash
click picture to see larger image
My 6x6" crayfish tile in our pewter frame makes this Louisiana fishing camp backsplash a hit