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big deep bonsai pot
New large and Deep Bonsai Pot 16 x 12 x 5" $299.00 Sold
elevated floating bonsai tree slab
sold Elevated Bonsai slab 18" x 10" x 3"
handmade bonsai slab
18 x 13  sold 

large handmade bonsai forest pot
  sold June 2023 at ABS Denver
round bonsai slab freeform handmade
elevated bonsai slab - sold
handmade artist created bonsai pot for sale USA
handmade rustic bonsai pot for sale

handmade bonsai slabs
Handmade bonsai slab in terracotta and copper color - Sold March 2023
the scroll handmade bonsai slab linda Paul
The Scroll handmade Bonsai slab 22" x 9" Sold September 2023 
bonsai slab concave convex reversible
 reversible concave or convex bonsai slab 15"x 13"  sold July 9

bonsai slab forest pot for sale

Sold Jan 2024 18 x 13
handmade pot for succulents or bonsai
Small rock look bonsai pot 8" x 6"
Linda's collection
deep freeform green bonsai pot
Green pot Linda's collection

tree hugger bonsai pot slab
Linda's collection, inquire via email Tree Hugger - unique bonsai pot -slab
handmade bonsai forest pot for sale
Sold Dec 10, 2023