Bonsai Forest Pot Slab for sale  - Handmade by artist Linda Paul

One of a kind, strong and lightweight bonsai slab 

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bonsai platter forest pot
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Grey Bonsai Forest Pot with free matching Kusamono Pot  handmade by artist Linda Paul
$199.99 with free shipping in USA

  17" x 10" x 1"and 1" deep+-  with 3 feet
Weight 2 lb 16 oz.
One of a kind handmade wire and concrete pot by artist Linda Paul.
New! made in January 2024
frost proof and sealed very sturdy, super strong and tough with hand sculpted special concrete material that Linda has developed.
Has 3 feet for good air flow under pot

 Has internal wire structure through out 
Color:  Grey. There is color throughout entire piece.  Much tougher than a ceramic pot or slab.
 4 large drain holes and 3 smaller drain or tree tie down holes including.
Back side has silver disk stamped with artist's signature initial for authentication.

Perfect for a bonsai  forest

side view bonsai pot
 other side view

top view of bonsai forest pot
top view and free kusamono
back side
back side with authentication silver disk with Linda Paul's initial

wire sculpture for bonsai pot

internal wire structure
Process: The internal structure of this pot is sculptor's wire that Linda formed into shape by hand. Then pigmented concrete was applied by hand. This pot is relatively light for a slab of this size,  yet very strong. There is internal wire structure in every part of the pot. The base color of is throughout the entire pot. So that way if you were ever to chip it, the color in not just in the top layer, but  all the way through. 

About me and my pots: I have been a bas-relief sculptor and painter for 30 years. In 2020 I started to delve into bonsai and was instantly hooked. Combining sculpture, my knowledge of natural earth pigments and bonsai was just a natural thing. I  love unique bonsai making pots and slabs!

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See some of my bonsai trees and inspiration

bonsai forest pot with free mathcing kusamono