Tuscan Color Palette for Italian and Tuscan Decor

Tuscany paint colors and art for a perfect Tuscan color palette by artist Linda Paul.

Tuscan colors from natural earth     collecting pigments for fresco paintings
pigment ocher mine
Tuscan colors are a must in today's decorating scheme says artist Linda Paul. We love these colors because they are warm and inviting. Picking that perfect shade of Tuscan red or green can be tricky, but you need to go no farther than mother nature to get it right. What makes this artist an expert on Tuscan colors? American artist Linda Paul uses actual natural earth from Tuscany to create her paint. It was mother nature who created these colors that have been around for thousands of years. The colors come from earth ocher which evolves in sedimentary layers of color that run the gamut of cream, yellow/gold, rusty oranges, orange/reds, brown reds, and deep browns. In the area around Verona  Italy, the earth is actually a sage green color. Luckily with today's technology we can perfectly match these colors for house paint and home decorating

Here are some examples of classic Tuscan color palettes  

In this painting of a Farmhouse in Tuscany,  the artist has used a tuscan color palette of cream, pale gold, rusty red and sage green, all from natural earth mixed with egg yolk. You can recreate this same color palette in your home by using these colors

tuscan color palette - paint colors of Tuscany

Tuscan sunflowers
A little brighter palette is seen in Linda's Sunflower Field with  fabulous Tuscan colors of yellow-gold, sage green and rusty orange will cheer up any room's decor.

Tuscany italy tile mural backsplash 
New Contemporary Tuscan Colors
 If you want contemporary Tuscan decor and style,  go for a brighter green mixed with the classic Tuscan colors of gold, rusty orange and deep rusty red as in this tile mural called Italian Kitchen window

Its easy to decorate a room if you start with one piece of color inspiration and build your room and decor colors around it. A more contemporary Tuscan wall paint color is a  pistachio green

You can also add come bright celery green accents to classic tuscan decor. A pop of color is fun and easy.

Tuscan kitchen design

 For richer color palette add a burgundy red, a more olive green,  yellow gold and warm brown
In these tile murals,  the artist uses a palette of cream, pale gold, olive green , burnt orange, a burgundy red and a warm brown.

This photo features a customer's kitchen with our Tuscan Kitchen backsplash mural . The amazing Barricato granite  was chosen to match the green, gold and cream Tuscan colors in the mural.

Do you just love blue?

tuscan tile mural 
You can use blue in your Tuscan color palette, as long as it is just the right shade of blue. Linda Paul's painting of a Tuscany Arch uses a dark cobalt blue created from lapis lazuli stones. A combination of pale and dark blue is used in this Fields of Tuscany tile mural in a gorgeous Tuscan style kitchen

Bring Tuscany colors into your Kitchen - Here are some fabulous Tuscan kitchen tile murals and backsplashes.

olive grove kitchen backsplaah 

A Tuscan dream kitchen with  Olive Garden kitchen backsplash.  

I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic art work.  This was a present for my fiance.  She loves the Italian culture with vibrant colors and nice architecture.  One day we will go there.  She designed our new kitchen with many of the same yellows and oranges in the painting, with some earthtones as well.  You displayed these colors in the setting better than I have ever seen.  I plan to send you a picture of your great painting in its new home very soon.  She was excited and I just wanted to give my thanks. Charles

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