About Our Tile Mural Backsplashes

  Linda Paul tile murals are made with high quality ceramic or marble in our Colorado studio.

Our beautiful murals start with artist Linda Paul's original paintings which are recreated with permanent pigmented inks for ceramic or marble tile.

The Difference between murals on ceramic and marble tile Both are beautiful!  Our ceramic tile  measures 5-7/8" x 5-7/8" x 3/8" and is very high quality tile that is made in Spain. Our new marble tile is heavier and super pretty and measures 6" x 6" x 3/8".  Both are very smooth with square corners. The colors tend to be a teeny bit brighter on the ceramic than the marble and the ceramic has a bit more of a contemporary look. The marble tile is natural quarried stone so it has that natural stone beauty (hard to see in a web site picture). It also has little crystals in it that are pretty and show through in the light areas of the mural. The new marble has very straight edges. Both are completely sealed and easy to clean. Murals made with the New Marble tiles are 35% higher in price than ceramic.

ceramic vs marble tile
Click picture to see larger image.  Ceramic measures 5-7/8" x 5-7/8" and marble tile measures 6" x 6" and is 35% higher in price

  The murals are shipped as individual tiles.

Some frequently asked questions about our tile murals

What do you use install these tiles?
 All tile murals installed using  a white superior premixed ceramic tile adhesive like Omnigrip (buy at Home Depot) . 
Do not use painters tape to mask off your mural
 see installation instructions

 What is the finish on the tiles?
Our finish is satin unless you specify a glossy finish (no extra charge).

Heat setbacks from traditional stovetops Ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals must be set 6" above and 2" back from any heat source.  Hot pots/pans should be kept 2" away from the mural. A stone chair rail or pencil border around your mural will help to deflect heat from below
Do not install ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals above stoves that have a heat vent on the back. The heat that comes out of these oven vents is extreme

Murals must be grouted . 1/16" spacing recommended.

Mural Alignment
When installing, align the tiles not the image. Our murals are made by hand and sometimes the image does not line up exactly perfectly on a tile or two. This is a characteristic of murals.

Tile sizes and thickness?
 Porcelain/ Ceramic tiles measure 5-7/8" x 5-7/8". Our marble tile is true to size and measures  6" x 6" (x 3/8" thick) . Our 4.25" x 4.25" ceramic tile is  1/4" thick with built in 1/16" spacers and must be grouted.

When will my mural arrive?
see Shipping & Lead Times

Do you make custom sizes?

Can the tiles be cut for a pot filler or to fit a particular space?

If you want ceramic or marble mural tiles cut to fit a particular space, we can do straight cuts for you. You need exact measurements and need to allow for a 1/16" minimum grout line. Price is $100.00 set up fee and $25.00 per tile. Murals with custom cuts are final and can not be returned.

We can cut a hole for a pot filler in ceramic or marble tile for $100.00. You can not cut your own potfiller hole. It breaks the seal

If you want  the tiles cut into an arch at the top, this has to be done by your installer before we add the image and seal them. We can send you the tiles that need to be cut and you send them back to us to be finished

 Tiles can not be cut after they are created with the image because it will break the seal.  This includes holes for potfillers

What if our tiles arrive damaged?

If an item arrives damaged we will immediately replace that item for you free of charge.  We pack our art and tiles very well and in thousands of shipments have only had a few items damaged during shipping. We guarantee that you will be thrilled. 

Can you make a mural from a different art image or photograph?

Yes we can  make a mural from your own original artwork or from a photo that you took or you have a license to use. see more info  here

How to I adjust for a difference in thickness between the porcelain 4x4" x 1/4" accent tiles and my thicker field tiles
If your surrounding field tiles or backsplash granite are a lot thicker and you want your accent tile to be flush with it,  you can simply screw or nail a 1/8" or 1/4" mdf  or tileboard to your wall and mount the mural tiles on that.
If you are putting a border around your mural, most borders are much higher than tile and will therefore make a automatic transition between differing tile depths and types. When you lay out you tiles first on a flat surface, you can plan for thisss mural with soap and water  or household cleaners like Windex. Avoid cleaners that have bleach in them or ones that are high in lemon or vinegar

Pricing for marble Murals and Accents
 Murals made on marble are 35% more in price than the same size in porcelain. Marble accents are $65.00

Border Tiles
Tile wall murals looks best with a border around them. The border also creates a transition zone between different materials. You can either match you border to the field tile you are using for the rest of your backsplash, or use one of our metal finish borders that matches you other metal colors in your kitchen , such as cabinet hardware or appliances

Buy our TV-6 Vineyard accent on porcelain or marble or both if you want to see, feel  and compare the difference in person.
TV-6 accent tile on 6x6" porcelain tile
$50.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada


TV-6 6x6" marble tile
price $65.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada


Linda's Tips on how to pick the right size and shape backsplash  mural for your space

Shape: The mural should be the same shape and orientation as your space. If your space is long and thin, you mural should be long and thin  If your space is vertically oriented your mural should be the same orientation. Don't put a  horizontal mural into a vertically oriented space.

The picture to the left demonstrates this. The overall shape of the space and the mural  is long and thin so it looks balanced and beautiful
Be sure and remember to allow for the size of your grout line

how to size your backsplash mural
use paper to size your backsplash mural
click picture to see larger
How to pick a size for your mural backsplash
The ideal size of the mural 
is da Vinci proportions which means  the mural should take up four fifths of the space.  With murals you can never be too big,  it does not look good if  the mural is too small. Remember to keep your mural 6" above your burners.

 To help with sizing, you can cut out a piece of paper to the size you think the mural should be, tape it to the wall, then stand back and see if you like the ways it fits the space. You can use blue painter's tape to simulate the border
If you need help with mural sizes just
contact us.

Don't know What Size to Order? If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space. Be sure to include all dimensions. We can design the perfect backsplash mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!
before picture of kitchen
Customer sent in this picture of her space
sunflower kitchen mock up with cream travertine tile
This is a mock up we did for the customer showing how her space could look with a custom backsplash
window backsplash of vineyard and sunflowers
Picture showing customers finished kitchen with Sunflowers in the Vines mural installed

Why should you buy our murals instead of others? These are artist created, incredibly high quality works of art.  All our murals are created individually for you and we guarantee that you will be thrilled.  We use only colorfast, permanent pigments. Our quality is exceptional! Our murals are not dye sublimation, you should never buy a dye sublimation mural. It will fade very quickly.    

email  our tile design experts or call  303-818-2663  to order or inquire   

When will I get my order?  Our  murals ship in approx. 4 weeks,   free shipping in USA and to Canada   see our in stock murals

"The Tuscany Arch tile backsplash is gorgeous and compliments the decor in the rest of the kitchen. I have received numerous comments on the backsplash on how beautiful the backsplash looks and the high quality of the tiles and positioning. Thanks Linda."
Terry B Longmont Colorado 
more customer reviews

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