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  tiles on sale

 What's new and hot off the easel from artist Linda Paul


palm tree tiles
New in March 2019
Palm tree tropical tiles
fleur de lis ceramic tiles
New in January 2019
 fleur de lis ceramic tiles in blue and green colors in sizes 2" x2", 4" x 4", 6" x 6" and 12" x 12"

pineapple tile
New! February 2019

Hand-painted Fleur de Lis glass accent tiles   silver, bronze and gold . 2" x 2", and 4" x 4".

turquoise living room art   
New in January 2019! Turquoise Reflections 28" x 28" original painting $799.00
happy colorful painting
New in December  2018 from artist Linda Paul. "Happy" colorful original wall art painting 24" x 20" $299.00
beach canvas wall art
New in December  2018 from artist Linda Paul. Beach Song 20" x 24" original acrylic painting on canvas $299.00 with free ship

mother of pearl fleur de lis medallion
New in August 2018 from artist Linda Paul. Mother of pearl mosaic tile backsplash medallions with hand-painted glass tile center of fleur de lis.  You can buy as a one piece backsplash or wall art,  ready to hang framed  or unframed medallion.

  yellow shell tile black and whiteseahorse mother of pearl mosaic backsplash
New from artist Linda Paul

seahorse and shell tile collection made with natural shells such as blue paua, mother of pearl and mosaic tile.  Lots of beautiful colors and sizes. Individual accent tiles and one piece backsplash medallions