Let us create for you a custom monogrammed wall or floor medallion with metal initials letters and mosaic stone tiles. You can customize the size, shape, metal finish and stone colors. We can add matching metal accents too. Or if you have a family crest we may be able to make a custom medallion for you

Custom Monogram Floor Medallion

We created this very special custom Monogram medallion for a customer who wanted an  statement piece for the front entrance to her home. W for her name and for Wow! Size 40.5 x 27". All mounted on a mesh backing.

We used mosaic stiks and grids that are a combination of metal, glass and marble. The W is solid metal. We use solid letters metal for floor medallions. Please contact us for a price quote


 custom monogram kitchen backsplash or floor medallion
Monogram Floor medallion

Floor medallions are made with 1/4" thick solid metal letters and border your choice of mosaic stone tiles. Medallion in picture above was created in copper antique patina on the initials, and S5 noche  and S3 light travertine stone bordering the letters
custom monogram backsplash medlalion 
Monogram Wall backsplash medallion with Initials

Monogrammed backsplash wall medallions can incorporate any of our  metal finished  accents
Medallion in picture above with S3 Light travertine for the triangle shaped mosaic tile and S6 Gold ten for the 2 borders. Metal finish is copper highlight polish.  

This is a custom family crest medallion that we made for a customer. The customer provided us with a digital EPS file  of the family crest to work with. We also made an additional separate crest for him  
personalized Medallion with metal  letter  
Mock up of 42" x 27" Floor medallion with Dark Shadows color mixture of metal, glass and stone mosaics . Letter in Lucida Calligraphy.    

For a floor medallion, the letters or initials are custom cut out of metal and finished in any finish you like; copper, oil rubbed bronze, nickel, silver, stainless, black etc. For a wall medallion we make them out of resin, theem metal coat them in any finish you like. See and buy metal and stone samples at the bottom of this page

Lead time for custom monogrammed medallion is 4 to 5 weeks. Order can be expedited to 2 to 3 weeks for an additional 15%

Monogram medallions can be made round or square or rectangular, whatever you If you have a particular design or custom font or logo, we can design a custom piece for you.

Prices depend on size and complexity. For example a wall piece 24" x 24" with a single letter and some accents is approx $ 2800.00and up.  A 30"  diameter round floor medallion in the steel circle runs about $3599.00.  Please
email or call us  at 800-936-9958  for a price quote.

Design Process
We may go through several revisions and mock ups in the design process to make you the perfect personalized medallion. Here is an example of the process for this custom "P" medallion we designed for a customer
design process mock up
The design process began with an idea of size and possible accent pieces
mock up
Romanesque border accents considered and P design nailed down
mock up design
customer chooses Juliet corners from our accents collection
physical layout underway
Construction of medallion on mesh backing in process

here are some of the script font styles you can choose from or send us a design of what you would like
script font for custom monogram medallion
click picture to see larger image


About out metal tiles and medallions    About our metal accents, heat setbacks and installation instructions
Order samples of stone and metal tiles

mosaic tile colors
Mosaic tile color choices
click picture to see larger image
Buy a sample for $5.00 each
samples ship out immediately via usps mail



copper meritage mosaics
Copper Meritage Mosaic Tile Blend
mosaic blend dark sky
mosaic blend dark sky
mosaic blend silver moon shadow
mosaic blend silver moon shadow
bronze latte mosaic blend
bronze latte mosaic blend

Can't decide what metal finish to order?  Buy a sample for $5.00 each - online shopping below Samples are limited to one per color.
Samples are a great way to compare and match metal colors before you order metal tiles or a medallion.


sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish 
copper highlight polish Landmark sample
Copper Highlight Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina 
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed 

metal tile sample bronze high polsih
Bronze High Polish 
 sample bronze highlight polish
Bronze Highlight Polish
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina 
bronze oil rubbed
Bronze Oil Rubbed 

nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish 
 nickel silver highlight polish
Nickel Silver highlight Polish
nickel silver antique patina
Nickel Silver Antique Patina 
sample nickel silver oil rubbed
Nickel Silver Oil Rubbed  

sample of brass high polish metal finsih
Brass High Polish 
 sample of brass highlight polish metal finsih
Brass Highlight Polish 
sample of brass antique patina metal finsih
Brass Antique patina

sample stainless high polish
Stainless Steel High Polish 
 sample stainless highlight polish width=
Stainless Highlight Polish 
iron rust
Iron Rust (dark brown)
Iron Wrought
Iron Wrought (black)

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