This page features our collection of small metal and glass accent tiles to insert in a kitchen backsplash or use as accents in tile design.

Available in many finishes (see bottom of page) sizes 1" x 1". 1.5" x 1.5" and 2" x 2" tiles
from $ 15.95
Please contact us to order these items.

Minimum order amount for anything on this page is $100.00
Can be combined with other metal accents, onlays or medallions.

When will I get my order?
The following accents are high quality metal coated resin. They are available in many different finishes (see bottom of page for samples)  They are lovingly hand-crafted in the USA.
madison accent tile
Madison accent tile
1" x 1" $16.95 ea.
3/8" thick at edges , (3/4" at center of round button)
shown in Brass  high polish
rachels dot metal tile accent
Rachels' dot Accent tile
1.25" x 1.25"  $22.95 ea.
(5/8" thick)
(shown in stainless steel high polish)
kayla tile
Kayla onlay 1.5" x 1.5" $25.95 ea.
1/4" thick at edges, 3/8" middle
shown in  copper antique patina
We have 1 Kayla in stock
 in bronze oil rubbed
Baroque 2x2 copper metal tile accent
Baroque Deco Accent Tile
2" x 2" (1/2" thick)  $27.95
shown in copper high polish
side view of baroque deco side view

studded mosaic jewel accent tile in copper metal finish
Studded Jewel Accent
1" x 1" $16.95 ea.
(5/8" thick)
(shown in copper highlight polish)
fleur de lis diagonal small accent tile insert
Fleur Baby diamond
1" x 1" $15.95 ea.
(3/8" thick)
shown in stainless steel high polish
1x1 fleur de lis metal tile insert
Fleur Baby 1" x 1" x 3/8"
shown in Nickel Silver Highlight
melissa tile accent
1.75" x 1.75" $25.95 ea.
(3/4" thick)
(shown in nickel highlight polish)

pandora metal tile accent
Pandora metal Tile Accent
2" x 2"   $27.95 ea.
Shown in copper highlight polish
2x2 metal leaf accent tile
Leaf 2x2 Accent Tile 
 by artist Linda Paul  $27.95 ea.
(measures 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" x 1/4" thick) shown in  bronze antique patina
clavo 1x1 accent tile

Clavo tile accent in 2 sizes
Clavo Baby 1.25" x 1.25"  $19.95
Clavo 2" x 2" $29.95 each
egyptian  tile insert
2 sizes
Egyptian baby 1" x 1" $15.95
Egyptian 1.75" x 1.75" $27.95

You also might like these hand-made glass and ceramic tile 2x2" accents from artist Linda Paul

4x4 white glass fleur de lis and shell tile
fleur de lis ceramic tiles 2" x 2" and larger from $24.95

palm tree tile
Palm tree tile 2" x 2" and larger diagonal or horizontal from $24.95
diagonal pineapple tile
Pineapple tile 2" x 2" and larger diagonal or horizontal from $24.95

collection of metal flower accnet tiles and borders
collection of leaf and falling leaves accent tiles

fleur de lis  kitchen backsplash idea

This installation example features our Fleur de Elegance Borderless Onlay,  studded brackets and 1" x 1" Madison accent tiles  Create a new backsplash with this design or glue the accents over top of your existing tile. (Accents in the installation picture are oil rubbed bronze)

About out metal tiles and medallions    About our metal accents, heat setbacks and installation instructions
Order samples of stone and metal tiles

mosaic tile colors
Mosaic tile color choices
click picture to see larger image
Buy a sample for $5.00 each
samples ship out immediately via usps mail



Can't decide what metal finish to order?  Buy a sample for $5.00 each - online shopping below Samples are limited to one per color.
Samples are a great way to compare and match metal colors before you order metal tiles or a medallion.


sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish 
copper highlight polish Landmark sample
Copper Highlight Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina 
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed 

metal tile sample bronze high polsih
Bronze High Polish 
 sample bronze highlight polish
Bronze Highlight Polish
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina 
bronze oil rubbed
Bronze Oil Rubbed 

nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish 
 nickel silver highlight polish
Nickel Silver highlight Polish
nickel silver antique patina
Nickel Silver Antique Patina 
sample nickel silver oil rubbed
Nickel Silver Oil Rubbed  

sample of brass high polish metal finsih
Brass High Polish 
 sample of brass highlight polish metal finsih
Brass Highlight Polish 
sample of brass antique patina metal finsih
Brass Antique patina

sample stainless high polish
Stainless Steel High Polish 
 sample stainless highlight polish width=
Stainless Highlight Polish 
iron rust
Iron Rust (dark brown)
Iron Wrought
Iron Wrought (black)