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Fine Art Licensing - art images available for license

The images on this website are available for art licensing.  You are licensing this artwork from the original artist. Custom designs can be created for your product! or choose to license an image from any of the categories below.

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Linda Paul's original paintings are created in pure egg tempera using crushed stone and egg yolk. This medium photographs and reproduces better than any other painting medium on earth.

Here are just some of the products Linda Paul's artwork has been licensed for:
Wine labels
wine label for Meadowcroft wine
CD music covers

image for music CD cover

Book Covers - cookbooks &
numerous fiction novels
Book cover Illustrators - cookbook

Linda Paul's art has also been licensed for:
wine labels
gelato containers
wine and festival posters
restaurant menus and uniforms
Kitchen products and accessories
greeting cards
website use

Artist owns the copyright of all artworks displayed. Use of artwork is prohibited without written permission from the artist.

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