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The inspirational and creative process of artist  Linda Paul

See artist Linda Paul create a painting from just a sketch to a finished work of art. Watch the process of inspiration and creativity at work. Mediums explored are egg tempera, acrylic, glass, metal  and stone

December 2018 I am feeling inspired by beach ocean and waves. I started this canvas by just spreading paint with my bare hands very quickly onto the canvas. This way it is organic and comes from the soul. Then I just let the painting take me where it wants to go.

June 2018

I am starting a whole series on new abstract paintings based on oceans and water.
The first set will be in colors of blues, greys and white with maybe a smidge of pale yellow

Print of this painting are now available

January 2018
Its winter snowy here in Colorado so its great inspiration to paint the Rocky Mountains. We do a lot of hiking above tree line, and you can always feel the power of nature up there. Its such a metaphor for a journey.

To start the painting, I have blocked in the outline of the mountains , sky and foreground in purple and white
The next major step is to develop the sky. I have to do many layers of color to get the depth in the clouds that I want
After getting the sky where I want it, I build the color in the mountains. My plan it to do it in violet and white and then lay  reflected light color from the sky onto the white areas of the snow

The painting is finished!  You can buy it here

Jan 2018
I have started a series of black and white butterfly paintings using free flowing wet into wet color

Art Commission in Progress

I am currently working on a pieces of commissioned art for a customer. The picture shows it in progress in my studio

I had originally done the dragonfly pas de deux glass art painting in a 12" x 12" size, and the customer wanted a custom 23 x 23" size to place above her stove.
I still have to put silver leaf on the back, seal it and frame it.

Linda is happy to answer any questions about art commissions that you might have

Why Buy Original art? Some people may ask, "why buy original art when you can buy a nice print". Several reasons, simply put, the original is just far more beautiful. Its also one of a kind. This beauty does not translate as well in the digital world. Another reason is that the original captures the soul of the artist, what the artist is feeling when they are creating the piece can tangibly be felt in an original artwork. Of course the original is far more valuable and usually increases in value. You should buy original art because you love it! It will enrich your life.

Artist Biography

Artists Statement"
When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, I always say, ‘the next one I am going to paint!”

Favorite question and life philosophy is WHAT IF?  I will fearlessly follow even a thread of curiosity when combining mediums or styles. Let process take me on any tangent.. What's the worst thing that could happen? Even what seems to be any ugly painting or a failure will lead to other things that are not. I feel that unless I am prepared to fail, I can not improve and grow.

Style: I don't paint in any one style, I let inspiration speak to me and I go with the flow. My work runs the gamut from chunky realism to abstract  and impressionist painting.  I use many different mediums to create my artworks.  One of my favorites is egg tempera which I make by crushing stones and minerals and adding egg yolk. Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite and natural green earth found around Verona Italy. I even use minerals found during hikes in the Rocky Mountains.   
I am captivated not only by the purity and naturalness of this medium, but by the science of it. Each pigment has its own set of properties and capabilities that must be explored. How better to express visions of the earth than with earth itself.  This medium is luminous and lasts for centuries.
read more about egg tempera

I also make my own acrylic paint in the same manner. By adding pure pigment to a acrylic polymer. I can add thing like crushed mica , metals and pearlescents to make the painting come alive.

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