Fleur de lis - Original Framed glass art  by artist Linda Paul
  ready to hang fleur de lis home decor

This original work of art by Linda Paul has been completely hand-painted and silver leafed on the back side of beveled glass. It comes framed in a 1-1/2" black wooden frame.   Because the front is glass and the artwork is behind it,  its super easy to clean. the translucent paint and silver catches the light beautifully. It has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.
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fleur de lis art home wall decor

 Fleur glass art framed painting.
Framed Size 8.5" x 8.5" by Linda Paul

original hand-painted work of art, backed in silver
 Ready to hang framed painting . Framed in satin black 1-1/2"  wide wood frame.    
 Just hang it from a  hook on your wall 

 price $ 139.99



 This original artwork in completely hand-painted in translucent paint that I make  myself. After the painting was completed, I backed it in silver leaf. The silver shines through and reflects the light beautifully.

Even in a very dark room, this artwork will capture whatever light there is and reflect it because of the silver on the back of the glass,

Linda's art glass is inspired by stained glass but is designed to be used as wall art.  The light, rather than coming through the glass as in a stained glass window, is captured and reflected by the silver, copper or gold on the back of the glass behind the transparent paint

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Cleaning Instructions: You can clean with Windex and a lint free cloth, spraying the Windex on the cloth rather that on the glass itself so that the cleaner does not puddle between the glass and the frame