pineapple fruit and vegetable metal tile collection
Collection of vegetable and fruit metal tile accents and onlays for indoor and outdoor kitchens and restaurants; includes olives, artichokes, carrots, radishes, fruit baskets, pineapples, strawberries and acorn tiles.  These beautiful tiles are 3d sculptures that can be glued onto existing tiles, walls, wood or any material. The 3-d effect on these tiles is amazing. price $39.95 to $169.95.

lead time about 2 weeks

The following fruit and vegetable tiles are high quality metal coated resin. They are available in many different finishes (see bottom of page for samples)  They are lovingly hand-crafted in the USA.

le Artichoke accent tile
shown above  in bronze highlight polish
click picture to see larger

artichoke stainlesss steel tile

above in stainless steel high polish
le Artichoke Metal Accent Tile 7.75" x 7.75" -   $169.95
choose from any of the metal finishes below
tile part is 3/8" thick - relief depth up to 1"


select finish

we have one artichoke in stock in Bronze highlight polish (as pictures above) all other 2 weeks lead time

The artichoke tile is about 1/4" taller  than the Radishes and Carrots tile. So if you are putting all three in a row, put the artichoke in the center. see picture that illustrates this 3 vegetable metal tiles    side view artichoke tile

radishes tile stainless steel
above in stainless steel high polish

Bunch of Radishes metal tile accent

le radishes
shown in copper highlight polish
click picture to see larger
 le Radishes Metal Accent Tile 7.5" x 7.5" -   $169.95
 tile part is 3/8" thick - relief depth up to 1"


carrots tile stainless steeel high polish

le carrots
shown above  in stainless steel highlight polish
click picture to see larger
le carrots metal tile side profile view

Nickel silver high polish

le Carrots Metal Accent Tile 7.5" x 7.5" -   $169.95
tile part is 3/8" thick - relief depth up to 1"


select finish

We have 1 in stock of Le Carrots in Nickel Silver High Polish (side view picture)

Fruit basket Tile
copper fruit basket tile

above in copper high polish

 fruit basket borderless 12 x 12 tile
above in bronze highlight polish
Price  $299.95

fruit basket tile 12x12 bronze antique patina

above in bronze antique patina
Fruit basket 11-3/4" high" x 11-3/4" wide.  tile part is 3/8" thick - relief depth up to 2"  $299.95


select finish from drop down list

    free shipping in USA

fruit basket tile in SS hlp metal finish  side view of fruit basket metal tile  side view of copper fruit tile  side view of BN-HLP fruit basket
shown in stainless steel highlight polish finish, then side view of copper high polish, then side view of bronze highlight polish

Fruit Basket Borderless accent
Fruit basket Borderless
8.5" wide x 7.5" high
shown above in bronze highlight polish
click picture to see larger

fruit basket kitchen back splash accent
Fruit Basket Borderless Accent 8.5" x 7.5".  great to glue on top of existing tile  $249.95


select finish

pineapple borderless accent

Pineapple Borderless onlay
3.5 high x 2.5" wide  x .5" thick  

minimum order is $100.00 for this item - can be combined with other items


select finish


pineapple metal accent tile

Pineapple Accent Tile 4" x 4" in 19 metal finishes   
minimum order is $100.00 for this item - can be combined with other items


select finish


olives tile in copper oil rubbed

shown in copper oil rubbed
  Exclusively from Linda Paul Studio

Olives Tile 3-7/8" x 3-7/8" x 7/16" (thick)  price $55.95
minimum order is $100.00 for this item - can be combined with other items


select finish

We have 10 in stock in copper antique patina - ships right away

You can also place these tiles on the diagonal or turn in 4 different  horizontal directions

olive tile in nickel silver  
olives tile in bronze oil rubbed  bronze antique patina olives metal tile   copper antique patina olive tile
shown left to right: nickel silver antique patina, bronze oil rubbed, bronze antique patina, copper antique patina

le Vineayrd 12 x 12 metal back splash accent
le Vineyard
12" wide x  12" high
shown in copper highlight polish.
click picture to see larger

le Vineyard 12" x 12" Metal Tile
  $299.95   choose from any of the metal finishes at bottom of page


select finish


metal tile acnets artichoke, radishes, carrots
Artichoke, Radishes and Carrots in Farmhouse Kitchen

Our customer installed our vegetable  tiles on top of this lovely framed tile centerpiece.  great job!
Finish in tiles is bronze highlight polish
8x8 vegetable tiles back splash ideas
Unique backsplash idea

This customer surrounded our carrots, artichoke and radishes 8x8 tiles with a pebble mosaic and our large bar liner. All in bronze oil rubbed
kitchen backsplash ieda with 3 pineapple tiles
Pineapple Kitchen Back Splash Design
What a great way to say, Welcome to my kitchen, than with this backsplash design featuring 3 pineapple tiles from Linda Paul Studio. The pineapple has long been a symbol for hospitality in America.  Pineapples in nickel silver high polish .

Customer reviews: by Pam and David Mankowski , Your mosaic was the focal point for the design so we thought you might want to see the finished product you helped create. We are extremely proud of how it all turned out! More customer reviews

fruit basket tile with metal border and 1x1 accents
click picture to see larger image
vegetable metal tile backsplash with radishes, artichoke and bunch of carrots tiles
Use all three vegetable tiles and a chair rail border to make this fabulous backsplash
fruit basket kitchen back splash accent
Fruit basket metal backsplash accent
Beautiful and simple backsplash using different shapes of white ceramic tile including trendy arabesque with our fruit basket borderless accent glued on top of the tile.  Fruit basket is Stainless steel high polish finish

Kitchen backsplash design idea with Artichoke metal tile
Okay Dokey Artichokey!
Love this backsplash installation with Artichoke metal tile as center piece
click picture to see larger
custom french country kitchen with fruit basket back splash
Classic French Country Kitchen Beauty
Gorgeous off white custom kitchen featuring a Butler's pantry backsplash with fruit basket tile and accents in bronze highlight polish from Linda Paul Studio.

elegant french country kitchen back splash
You can create this amazing fruit basket backsplash by framing the fruit basket 12 x 12" tile with our matching 1" x 12" smooth bar metal border/liner and  adding our 1x1" Madison accents and 2.5" veggy tiles. It takes 8 of the 12" borders to create the mitred corners. Our tumbled bar liner looks really nice too. Metal finish is this picture is bronze highlight polish

Customer review: by Paula T. ,  Murrieta, CA I found that your tile (fruit basket) was much better than I expected. It is a beautiful work of art, almost too good for my kitchen. On line pictures really don't do it justice!

"got the tiles today, I LOVE, LOVE THEM!!!    I especially like the artichoke. Rosa"

more customer reviews  
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Order samples of stone and metal tiles

mosaic tile colors
Mosaic tile color choices
click picture to see larger image
Buy a sample for $5.00 each
samples ship out immediately via USPS mail


select color

Can't decide what metal finish to order?  Buy a sample for $5.00 each - online shopping below Samples are limited to one per color.
Samples are a great way to compare and match metal colors before you order metal tiles or a medallion.


sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish 
copper highlight polish Landmark sample
Copper Highlight Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina 
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed 

metal tile sample bronze high polsih
Bronze High Polish 
 sample bronze highlight polish
Bronze Highlight Polish
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina 
bronze oil rubbed
Bronze Oil Rubbed 

nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish 
 nickel silver highlight polish
Nickel Silver highlight Polish
nickel silver antique patina
Nickel Silver Antique Patina 
sample nickel silver oil rubbed
Nickel Silver Oil Rubbed  

sample of brass high polish metal finsih
Brass High Polish 
 sample of brass highlight polish metal finsih
Brass Highlight Polish 
sample of brass antique patina metal finsih
Brass Antique patina

sample stainless high polish
Stainless Steel High Polish 
 sample stainless highlight polish width=
Stainless Highlight Polish 
iron rust
Iron Rust (dark brown)
Iron Wrought
Iron Wrought (black)