Fleur de Lis Tile Inserts: hand-painted by artist Linda Paul.
Install between tiles or glue on top (onlays)

fluer de lis tile backsplash inserts black and gold fleur de lis tile in black granite
Fleur de Lis 2" x 2"  and 4" x 4" beveled glass tile inserts in many colors and metal finishes $ 39.95 and $59.95 special introductory prices 

These beautiful fleur de lis accents are hand painted by Linda Paul behind glass. Then the painting is backed with silver. The translucent paint and metal leaf catches and reflects the light beautifully. You can insert these glass tiles between other tiles in your backsplash, or glue on top of other tiles or surfaces (onlay style) See below for description and pictures of both styles. Fleur de Lys tiles are available as diagonal or horizontal tiles. Pick a color to accent in your kitchen or match your cabinet hardware etc.

 Fleur de Lis Jewels Collection , hand-painted glass tiles
With beveled glass in sizes: 2"x 2" from $39.95 , 3" x 3" & 4"x 4" from $59.95 and 6" x 6" $79.95 each with free shipping.

 Shop Online for the 2x2 or 4x4" sizes.  When adding these tiles to your cart,  select the style as: 1/4" Thick TILE (with backerboard) or ONLAY (for gluing on top of other tile or surfaces) see picture of these two styles.  Also select whether you want the tile horizontal or diagonal orientation.
 Questions? Need a different color? 303-818-2663

opal and silver fleur de lis insert tile
Opal & Silver
2x2 or 4x4 Fleur de lis Glass tile

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14 diagonal 2"x 2" in stock in either style
cobalt blue fleur de lis 2x2 tile
Cobalt Sapphire Blue
2x2 or 4x4 Fleur de lis Glass tile

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1 in stock 4x4" horizontal 1/4" thick
red fleur de lis accent tiles
Ruby Red & Silver
2x2  or 4x4 Fleur de lis Glass tile

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1 in stock 2x2 diagonal and 1 horizontal, onlay or tile

Black and Gold Fleur de Lis Accent tile.
hand-made by artist Linda Paul with 24 karat gold.
Sizes 2" x 2" $49.95, 3" x 3" 4" x 4" $69.95 and 6" x 6" $99.95

Hand-painted on the back of beveled glass with 24 karat gold and black paint. Can be made with diagonal or horizontal orientation.
Onlay glue on style or with 1/8" board attached to the back for installing between other tiles. lead time 4 weeks. These cost more because of the real 24 karat gold on the back

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We have in stock two 3" x 3" Diagonal , Onlay style or  three with 1/4" board attached to back of the tile for overall depth of 3/8" . Ships out in 3 days

Lead Time: in stock onlays ship right away. Allow an extra few days if ordering as a tile (with backerboard) If not marked in stock, Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for Linda to make the tiles for you

These fleur de lis tiles are hand-painted so sometimes there are little bubbles trapped in the paint or between the paint and the glass. This adds to the charm and lets you know this is a hand-painted and not a manufactured item

This picture show the two styles of our glass accent tiles from the side and back. This is for our 2" x 2", 4" x 4" and 6" x 6" styles. The 12" x 12" size can be made on flat 1/4" thick glass or we can bevel the glass (which reduces the thickness of the edge, but not the center)

be sure to check out our new paua shell and glass hand made tiles by artist Linda Paul. Hand-made glass tiles with iridescent natural paua shell.

 framed black and silver fleur de lis glass tile
Framed hand-painted black and silver fleur de lis glass tile
ready to hang on your wall or backsplash
Each side measures 14". Point to point top to bottom and side to side is 20"
frame is black metal with silver inner and outer edge (or plain black by request)

$299.99 lead time 3 to 4 weeks


It is painted behind the glass , then sealed. Clean with Windex!
This is hand-painted and hand-silvered so there are a few tiny bubbles in the black and little wrinkles in the silver which gives it great character and lets you know it was made my hand
you can buy it unframed for $249.99

Installation Options:

1/4" thick tile - Installs Between Other Tiles:  The glass itself is 3/16" thick in the center and 1/8" at the edges (because of the bevel ). We add a 1/8" board to the back so the entire piece is 1/4" thick and can be installed in between your other tiles.  The tiles install just like our regular  ceramic or marble tile. 
Installation Instructions

Glue on Onlay Style:
 You can also glue the glass tiles on top of existing tile. In that case, we do not add the back board so tile thickness at edge is 1/8".  Glue on top of other tile with two part epoxy.  You can seal the edges with clear silicone.  The color for the 1/8" glass side is silver grey

Frame and Hang as wall home decor: The 4x4" glass fleur de lis make great gifts. They can be framed and hung in your home as wall decor. See our frames

Installing in a shower: Please let us know if you want to install these tiles in shower, outdoor or commercial area. We can add an extra diamond hard clear coating to the sides and back to protect it from excess water etc. Extra $10.00 per tile

Artist's inspiration: I love symbolism of the fleur de lis which is solidarity. The fleur de lis is a stylized lily. Fleur means flower in French and lis means lily. It has long been used in history for everything from decorative ornaments to kings and military insignia. In July 2008 the fleur-de-lis became the official symbol of the state of Louisiana. Actual French translation of fleur de lis is flower of the lily

Customer review of Linda Paul's Glass backsplash art," "The art glass arrived today and it is even more beautiful than I expected. We are so happy with the art. It gives interest and focus to the tile backsplash over the stove. The colors of the art are beautiful and the piece creates the illusion of being lit from within. It's been a pleasure to do business with you and I will certainly recommend your company highly.  " Kathy Rooney, NY

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