Decorative corbels in 4 different designs and 19 metal finishes including oil rubbed copper, bronze, nickel and stainless finishes. You can use these korbels  under your kitchen hood, countertop or in your backsplash as a shelf as in the picture below. These items are lovingly hand-crafted in the USA..
picture of kitchen backsplash with corbels and decorative plaque
Picture above shows backsplash design with our Ravenna Plaque and 2 Stately Corbels in copper high polish blacked finish

stately korbel in stainless steel
shown in stainless steel high polish  
Stately Corbel in 3 sizes

large: 13" high x 5.75" wide (x 7"  at deepest point) Price $369.95

medium: 9.25" high x 5.25" wide (x 5.25"  at deepest point) Price $309.95

small: 7.5" high x 4" wide (x 3.75"  at deepest point) Price $259.95 

 Venito grapes cluster corble
Venito Grapes Cluster Corbel
in 3 sizes

large: 15.25" high x 5.25" wide (x 7"  at deepest point) Price $409.95

medium: 11" high x 5.25" wide (x 5"  at deepest point) Price $369.95

small: 8" high x 3.5" wide (x 4"  at deepest point) Price $259.95

shown in brass high polish blackened

foliage corbel in metal finsih
shown in copper high polish blackened
Foliage Corbel in 3 sizes

large: 14.25" high x 5.25" wide (x 7"  at deepest point) Price $449.95

medium: 9.75" high x 5.5" wide (x 5.55"  at deepest point) Price $369.95

small: 7.5" high x 3.5" wide (x 4"  at deepest point) Price $259.95

royal foliage Korbel in bronze
shown in bronze high polish blackened
Royal Foliage Corbel  Size 14.75" high x 8" wide x 6" deep    price $489.95

 picture of back side of the korbel
The corbels are decorative and are not designed to hold large weight such as a granite countertop. They are hollow in the back (see picture at left)so you can cover a hangar or a support that is holding up your countertop or hood.

Metal corbels are available in all the same metal finishes as our kitchen backsplash medallion and metal accents. They have a slot in the back. Buy a metal sample below

Corbels and onlays can be drilled if you need to put a screw or bolt through them. Metal finish will not chip, flake or peel from any cutting or drilling . Can be used indoor or outdoor.  The metal can be cleaned or revitalized with Gojo hand cleaner
Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks

royal foliage onlay  profile view of royal foliage applique
Royal Foliage Large Onlay
12" x 5" $159.95
in brass highlight polish
medium wood applique - royal foliage
Royal Foliage Medium ay
9.25" x 4" $123.95
shown in bronze high polish
samll wood onlay - leaves design
Royal Foliage Small Onlay
7.5" x 3" $99.95
shown in stainless steel high polish
Royal Foliage onlay or appliques
 for wood cabinets, walls etc in 3 sizes and 17 metal colors

The Royal Foliage onlays are solid at the back. you can glue these on or drill and put a screw through them

The corbles are high quality metal coated resin. They are available in many different finishes (see bottom of page)  including oil rubbed bronze, copper and stainless steel. 

Note: California shipments will be charged 3.7% sales tax. This will not show up in the online ordering system. You will get a second email confirmation with the tax added
When will I get my order?

  Installation Pictures

korbels installed under custom hood
This installation picture shows the korbels installed as decorative accents under this custom kitchen hood
decorative applicques for wood cabinets
Photo shows Royal Foliage onlay installed on wood cabinet.

About out metal tiles and medallions    About our metal accents, heat setbacks and installation instructions
Order samples of stone and metal tiles

mosaic tile colors
Mosaic tile color choices
click picture to see larger image
Buy a sample for $5.00 each
samples ship out immediately via usps mail



Can't decide what metal finish to order?  Buy a sample for $5.00 each - online shopping below Samples are limited to one per color.
Samples are a great way to compare and match metal colors before you order metal tiles or a medallion.


sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish 
copper highlight polish Landmark sample
Copper Highlight Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina 
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed 

metal tile sample bronze high polsih
Bronze High Polish 
 sample bronze highlight polish
Bronze Highlight Polish
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina 
bronze oil rubbed
Bronze Oil Rubbed 

nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish 
 nickel silver highlight polish
Nickel Silver highlight Polish
nickel silver antique patina
Nickel Silver Antique Patina 
sample nickel silver oil rubbed
Nickel Silver Oil Rubbed  

sample of brass high polish metal finsih
Brass High Polish 
 sample of brass highlight polish metal finsih
Brass Highlight Polish 
sample of brass antique patina metal finsih
Brass Antique patina

sample stainless high polish
Stainless Steel High Polish 
 sample stainless highlight polish width=
Stainless Highlight Polish 
iron rust
Iron Rust (dark brown)
Iron Wrought
Iron Wrought (black)

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